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Talk About It

A Hopi Indian wrote about the “Eleventh Hour”.  In it he wrote that there are several things to be considered:

*  What are you doing?

*  Where are you living?

*  What are your relationships?

*  Are you in right relation?

He then went on and stated that we don’t need to look outside of ourselves for a leader.  He suggests that we have all we need if we “look inside” and find out who we really are.  Many times (especially when we’re in a tough spot in life) we forget that the answers for many things can be discovered if we “talk about it.”  That’s what I’m here for.  I listen and help you process what will help you through the difficult times.

I’m here to listen, so that the time of you feeling alone in working out your problems are over.  I encourage you to banish the word struggle from your attitude and vocabulary.


2 responses to “Talk About It

  1. ethan says:

    hi dad i love you

  2. Bill Bender says:

    Looks good , Timmy. Good Luck. Anything I can do?

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