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Your Personality Matters

I use the Enneagram in my work because I have found it works for me and for my clients.  It is a non-judgmental personality test that reinforces our strengths and allows us to know our challenges.  Knowing why we have a short fuse in some areas while being extremely tolerant in another is invaluable and assists us in our personal life.  What do I like about this tool?  It’s quick and fun!  It will lead you to information about who you are and how you live life.  It is also helpful in learning how we relate to others in our personal and professional worlds.  Trust me, it works and adds a note of levity to what can be a difficult time.  If we blend tools like the Enneagram; which is light, yet meaningful; together with other information; the results are informative and give way to a more productive path for each of us.  That’s what all of this is about; learning more about who we are which moves us on a more constructive path.


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