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Communication is Crucial

I frequently use techniques from PAIRS, a communication skills course based on the work of Virginia Satir.  Instead of just TALKING about what isn’t working, we APPLY specific exercises to build new roads, establish trust and move towards a different, effective style of communicating.  Relationships are a challenge.  Whether it is parent/child or partner/partner; anything but the infatuation stage can bring about questions such as; “what are my needs?”, or ultimately “is this really worth it?”

How many times have we heard of couples who have spent countless hours in therapy?  How many times have we heard that even after the countless hours in therapy (not to mention countless dollars spent), the relationship is back where it was to begin with?  Talking is one thing.  In my work, I find that application of new strategies along with talking reaps much greater results.

Trust me, a new trail can be blazed.  So, before you “throw in the towel,” call me.  Therapists are unlike any other professional.  Sometimes the chemistry is there and it feels like a match, and sometimes it doesn’t.  How do you know until you do it?


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