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Hi, My Name is Tim Bender

Tim Bender

I was always the “listener.”  Even in high school, college and graduate school, when friends needed someone safe to talk to, I listened.  It worked for them and for me.  It still does.  However, I have advanced in my life from being an informal listener to a professional in the mental health field.

My education is as follows:

Undergraduate:  Colorado State University 1997

Graduate: University of Denver 1998

PAIRS Facilitator:  2001

Enneagram Level I and II:  2001

My private practice includes

*  Families

*  Couples

*  Adolescents

*  Individuals

*  Gay and Lesbian

I have learned from my experience in life as well as from my formal education.  I bring both to my practice.

NOTHING IS TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL TO BE CREATING A PROBLEM.  Addressing issues before they threaten us or our relationships is an effective way of taking control of our own lives.  Let me help you find a way to effectively and efficiently direct your life.  I know, I’ve been there… “on both sides of the aisle”, so they say.  Sometimes we need a listening ear as a sounding board.  Other times we need some clear direction; complete with suggestions and support.  Trust me, it can all happen and the results are truly life changing!

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